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Two competitions are normally held each year. Current winners are listed on the Competitions Winners page.

An Annual Competition is usually held in the summer, the date and venue being variable where the public are invited to vote. The following trophies are competed for

Bell Shield

Harry Wareham Trophy

Vic Flower Trophy

Jess Jay Trophy

President’s Trophy

Derek Duff Trophy (for novices)

Details of each trophy are given under the Competition Trophies Page.

Another competition, held at the AGM, is for the Bill Pinney Trophy.

For 2019 the competition will again have a common theme - “Anything to do with the Sea”. It can be in the sea, on the sea or out of the sea. The carving must be in lime and no bigger than 9” x 9” x 9” (230mm x 230mm x 230mm for the metric minded). It can be in-the-round or relief. For example you could carve an example of life on the ocean floor or a wind surfer. John Vardon should be contacted if any queries.

 Rules for all competitions are given on the Competition Rules Page